Äntligen lite regler att förhålla sig till i hissen


1) Never carry dangerous materials that are flammable, explosive or corrosive into elevator

2) Please do not jump in the running elevator

3) Overload of elevator is forbidden

4) Please do not stay between elevator car door and hall door and lean against car door or hall door

5) Never try to open the car door or hall door through improper means such as strike, kick and unclench

6) Please do not use hand or body to stop the moving of car door, which is very dangerous. Instead the right   way is to hold one of the hall buttons which is the same direction, up or down, with the running car, or hold Open button in the car operation panel.

7) Never allow those who are unable to take the civil responsibility for their behaviours to ride elevators,     except that they are accompanied with other people.

8) The elders, disables and people not in good health shall be accompanied to ride elevators

9) Never ride elevators that are clearly marked with un-safe condition. "

Postat av: Hanna

Tur att jag klarar 7:an om du åker med mig ;) vilka roliga regler..haha

2010-04-22 @ 09:40:33

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